Monday, 16 March 2015

#9 TSE X40 - Mesa skin

Someone on the GAM forum suggested I create a new skin for this amp plugin, and to be honest I had never heard of it until then. It's a great little amp with an individual character, and it's a real shame that it never made it past the beta stage.

TSE X40 - Mesa GUI - download

Sunday, 15 March 2015

#8 Poulin Hybrit Preamp - Marshall skin

Again, I found this gem while searching for Poulin plugins. It has a slightly different character to the Hybrit head and sounds great in front of the Ignite TPA-1.

Poulin Hybrit Preamp - Marshall GUI - download

#7 Poulin Hybrit - Plexi skin

I love the Poulin Hybrit and I think it's the plugin that comes closest to capturing the Marshall sound. As it's effectively two models in one, I thought it might be fun to make a skin that shows the other side to its character. The original GUI is clean, shiny and very JCM, so I decided to make something that looked more worn, tatty and Plexi-ish. I love adding little details to skins, like the LED colour reflected in nearby objects - it all helps to add an extra bit of realism.

Poulin Hybrit - Plexi GUI - download

#6 Wampler Cranked AC - Vintage skin

I found this plugin by accident while I was searching for Poulin plugins. It's a great little OD pedal and I decided to reskin it for a bit of fun, hopefully giving it a little VOX flavour. The knobs were modelled and rendered in 3ds max, the front panel graphics were set up in Illustrator and everything else was created in Photoshop.
Wampler Cranked AC alpha GUI - download

Saturday, 14 March 2015

#5 Poulin LeCto - Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier skin

Finding good source photographs makes creating new GUIs so much easier. Once I find a high resolution, square-on photo, it's usually just a case of recreating the front panel material and graphics in Photoshop and Illustrator. The knobs are either made in Photoshop (quicker for simple circular knobs) or 3ds max (for more complex designs) so I can have animated shadows too.

Poulin LeCto - Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier GUI

#4 Poulin SoloC head - Soldano SLO100 skin

I only made a few minor cosmetic changes to the skin of this awesome amp. On the first version I hid the Quality and Routing switches from the front panel (choosing to switch them with Reaper's UI) but in the latest versions I readded them as it turned out to be impractical. Two versions are available, the first with small mesh and LEDs placed within the mesh, and a second version with normal, large mesh with LEDs placed on a panel fixed to the face.

Poulin SoloC head - Soldano SLO100 small mesh GUI
Poulin SoloC head - Soldano SLO100 large mesh GUI

Friday, 13 March 2015

#3 Poulin LeGion - ENGL Retrotube skin

Because I like VSTs to look like real amps, even if they're not modelled after one.
The black skin has glowing valves that increase in brightness as you crank up the amp!

Poulin LeGion - ENGL Retrotube RED GUI - download
Poulin LeGion - ENGL Retrotube BLACK GUI - download