Friday, 13 March 2015

#3 Poulin LeGion - ENGL Retrotube skin

Because I like VSTs to look like real amps, even if they're not modelled after one.
The black skin has glowing valves that increase in brightness as you crank up the amp!

Poulin LeGion - ENGL Retrotube RED GUI - download
Poulin LeGion - ENGL Retrotube BLACK GUI - download


  1. How could I get these Legion skins?

  2. Ok, I got the download. How do I use the black skin? What about 64 bit. This skin makes this feel like a new amp, and I'm an audio engineer, haha!

  3. Sorry, I forgot to add the link to the black skin, but it up there now. I run Vista 32bit, so no 64bit conversions - sorry. I can upload the individual .png files though, if you're happy to patch the 64bit .dll yourself.

    I'm glad you like the skins, Bake. I experienced exactly the same feeling when I first made it too! :)

  4. All have been excellent, thank you for everything.

  5. Could I get the .png files for the Hybrit, LeXtac, Legion and LeCto? Looks sooooo awesome!