Saturday, 14 March 2015

#4 Poulin SoloC head - Soldano SLO100 skin

I only made a few minor cosmetic changes to the skin of this awesome amp. On the first version I hid the Quality and Routing switches from the front panel (choosing to switch them with Reaper's UI) but in the latest versions I readded them as it turned out to be impractical. Two versions are available, the first with small mesh and LEDs placed within the mesh, and a second version with normal, large mesh with LEDs placed on a panel fixed to the face.

Poulin SoloC head - Soldano SLO100 small mesh GUI
Poulin SoloC head - Soldano SLO100 large mesh GUI


  1. All have been excellent, thank you for everything.

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  3. Hey, are these Plugins all the x64 or 32bit Plugins?

    Greetings \m/

  4. All 32bit for now, but I have moved over to Win10 64bit so they will probably get ported at some point.

  5. Hey I want to thank you so much for sharing your great talents with us..I love all of them..they look great !..I also love it when an amp sim looks like the real amp..just feels better I guess..again..thanks so much !