Sunday, 15 March 2015

#7 Poulin Hybrit - Plexi skin

I love the Poulin Hybrit and I think it's the plugin that comes closest to capturing the Marshall sound. As it's effectively two models in one, I thought it might be fun to make a skin that shows the other side to its character. The original GUI is clean, shiny and very JCM, so I decided to make something that looked more worn, tatty and Plexi-ish. I love adding little details to skins, like the LED colour reflected in nearby objects - it all helps to add an extra bit of realism.

Poulin Hybrit - Plexi GUI - download


  1. All have been excellent, thank you for everything.

  2. I have downloaded this perfect skin but don't know how to do it? how do I replace this skin?

  3. It's not a skin - it is a patched .dll, with new graphics inside. It just replaces your original plugin (so make a backup before you install it).

  4. hello david
    amazing work you really done here
    so what do u mean by patched dll I am using lepou 64bit plugins so if replace your file will work with the 64bit plugins or this is totally lepou stand alone 32bit plugins !

  5. No, these are all stand-alone 32bit plugins - they are intended to replace the existing .dll completely, unfortunately for you - sorry.

    I am now on a 64bit PC so it may be that I could find time to add my graphics to LePou's 64bit versions too, but I don't plan on doing that any time soon.

    1. hello David! would you be interested in skinning this free Big Muff emulation plugin?

  6. thank u so much david and it will be amazing if u got time for the 64bit to complete the piece of art you did
    and thank u so much

  7. We will be so grateful for 64 bit lepous. Your work is absolutely awesome.

  8. Yeah - 64-bit would be awesome. Your skin is great!