Monday, 16 March 2015

#9 TSE X40 - Mesa skin

Someone on the GAM forum suggested I create a new skin for this amp plugin, and to be honest I had never heard of it until then. It's a great little amp with an individual character, and it's a real shame that it never made it past the beta stage.

TSE X40 - Mesa GUI - download


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  2. I want this next time please... & thanks :))

  3. Excellent work, as usual. Please tell me you have plans to do the 25 new Kazrog Thermionik 5 amp sims. They sound stellar, but visually the only words that come to mind are, "blah," "meh," and "banal." Your skins with those amps, and I think I'd be set for life.

  4. hello David! would you be interested in skinning this free Big Muff emulation plugin?

  5. Yeah, I could do - it looks like a pretty simple pedal.

    1. thank you! there are two versions, one in the original post, and the other is a mod made by another dev I'm not sure which one is better sounding, this or Chris's, but that's up to one's taste, I guess.